Napha Hydro Treater Refomer Project NHTR / Emirate National Oil Company
Dubai, Emirates 2007

The Napha Hydro Treater Refomer Project was an upgrade on the existing gas condensate refinery of ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) managed by EPCL (ENOC Processing Company LLC). The upgrade of the existing 120,000 bpsd (barrels per stream day) gas condensate refinery included a 70,000 bpsd liquefied petroleum gas/naptha hydrotreater, a 36,000 bpsd crude catalytic reformer and ancillary processing units, plus associated new or revamped utilities and offsite facilities.  The new facilities allowed EPCL to upgrade its existing naphtha production to a low-sulphur petrochemical naptha production stream. They also provided a 102 RON (Research Octane Number) reformate production stream, and operate the plant at full capacity using sour condensates.  Other new products included liquefied petroleum gas, butane and sulphur.

DSC02562Overall Construction Site




successfully without incident.  110707 055Clashing of reinforcement with embedded plates and anchors

This was a considerable problem as most of the concrete was in many cases over-reinforced causing cluster difficulty in installing embedded plates

230208 085


Pipe Racks


A 2km long 5-story precast concrete pipe rack frame 30m high was a major feature of the site.


A 6m module was adopted and the columns and beams contained embedded plates for steel bracing, pipes supports and cable trays.

Crane Assembly

230208 163

Liebherr LR1800 crawler crane (1,200ton capacity) lifting 250-ton at 16m radius



230208 176

Erection Planning

I prepared an outline heavy lift plan, which was the basis of design for the contractor’s more detailed heavy lift plan. The crane leased for this erection was a Liebherr LR1800 crawler (1,200ton capacity) lifting 250-ton at 16m radius.  With the company heavy lift specialist, I reviewed all method statements and plans prior to commencement of works.  The lifts were completed



Picture 042

Foundation supporting vertical vessel

The bases contained embedded anchors bolts varying in size from 20mm to 64mm in diameter and from 200mm to 2m in length as required to resist dynamic and static loads.

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