Construction of the marine support and supply base near the Atash Village on the Eastern coast of Bautino Bay, north of Port Aktau.
The Bautino Atash Base is planned to provide marine services to the Caspian Services Group (CSG) fleet of vessels as well as multinational oil and gas companies involved in the offshore oil exploration and production. The Base will be located in Tyub-Karagan Bay on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. The project will aim to respond to a wide range of operator’s needs, such as fuel and water provision, support base infrastructure and services, waste and cutting treatment, crew change facilities, vessel repair and maintenance, etc. for vessels of up to 1700 tonnes. The site has an area of 5 hectares and will require both dredging and land reclamation


Environmental Impact

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out by independent consultants for the original project and approved in 2006.

The investigations showed that the Project was structured to meet Kazakh environmental, health and safety requirements and the EU environmental standards. The EIA concluded that there would be no negative impact of critical significance and only three main activities, namely dredging, wavebreaker and wharf construction, and sea reclamation may create high significance impact on the marine environment in the Base area. Mitigation measures were developed and included in the EIA to reduce these impacts to medium significance and activities that are valued to have medium significance to low or negligible level.


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