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ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems
The American Society of Civil Engineer journal for applied infrastructure research and development.
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
Bimonthly journal of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. Publishes articles in the fields of structure, construction, mechanics, materials,transportation, computer applications, hydrotechnical and environmental engineering.
Civil engineering articles
Complete structural and geotechnical engineering and steel, concrete, bridge building articles.
Civil Engineering Magazine Online
Explore the latest contents of Civil Engineering magazine, the official publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers:
Civil Engineering News Online
An independent news source for information on engineered projects; consulting firm management; surveying GPS; rehabilitation of structures; construction materials methods; public works.
Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
An Internet Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. It publishes original articles and papers.
Engineering News-Record
Site features headline news, searchable directories of engineers, contractors and industry job listings for architects, engineers, and other professionals.
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
An international journal that covers the complete spectrum of geo-engineering including soil and rock engineering and hydrogeology.
Grading and Ecavation Contractor Online
Grading and Excavation Contractor is a professional journal covering the construction industry, published by Forester Publishing, Inc.
Journal of Bridge Engineering
Reports on both the theory and practice of the structural design, inspection, construction, and performance of bridges.
Journal of Composites for Construction
Deals with composite materials consisting of continuous synthetic fibers and matrices for use in civil engineering structures and subjected to the loading and environments of the infrastructure.
Observer Newsletter
A newsletter for all engineers and those interested in the profession.
Search citations, reports, and documents pertaing to science, especially energy.
Structural Survey
Publish practical and occasional academic material for building surveyors, structural engineers, building service engineers, architects and all those responsible for the appraisal and refurbishment of buildings.
Terra et Aqua
International Journal on Public Works, Ports
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