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Conflict of Interest and Misrepresentation

Promoting competitive advantage of your direct hired employer’s interest while hired to represent another company is clearly a conflict of interest and a misrepresentation. When there is suspicion and consistent indications from individuals of such situations occurring but with no evidence the best course of action is to discuss with the person and move the person to a position where he is not able to influence and interfere with the Company’s best interest.

Change Management and Control

Dilbert130915ChangeManagementThe importance of understanding and managing change in projects cannot be emphasized enough.

The larger and the more complex the project scope is the more accurate we need to track the change.

In many situations change is seen as a daily activity of design development and it is not documented in any written form but rather executed on a verbal basis.  This initially seems to be a comfortable means of communication for both clients and consultants working in a harmonic inform relationship of mutual understanding and flexibility to meet needs.

The problems of course appear when the bills start coming in and the schedule is starting to drift.  The debates could lead to serious arguments, deterioration of good trusting relationships and eventually law suits.

For the above reasons and many more it is essential to keep a good written log of key decisions that affect the scope of work. It is important to analyse how changes affected the work and update the “lessons learned” database.

In many cases consultants try to accommodate the client “wish-lists” and “nice to haves” but they do not assess the impact these changes might have and more importantly they do not make the client aware of the impact until the damage is already done.

So try to organize the work flow and manage Change following simple steps:

  • Identify Change request and change initiator and document it in a written media (e.g. email, letter, MoM, etc.)
  • Assess if the change is sufficient enough to generate an impact (i.e. change or SoW).
  • If you can classify it as per company’s procedures.
  • Interrogate if the change is necessary and if there any other alternatives with smaller impact or none.
  • Inform all stakeholders involved as well any other parties that might be impacted from the change.
  • Prepare man-hours and schedule impact assessment.
  • Draw from the change, lessons learned points in order to avoid similar changes in the future.

The more organised and faithful you are to the Change management process the better you will manage your project, the more trusting your relationships will be with the client and the better the overall performance of your project will experience. It is a keystone for successful projects and returning client customers.


Super Typhoon hits Philippines

A huge humanitarian crisis: The super typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday and has left a death toll of thousands of people with a big portion of the population in the streets homeless.

Satellite Photo Super Typhoon Haiyan








Pictures of Destruction


698b673eca6c9e25420f6a706700b980 1649650175 an-estimated-10000-dead-in-the-philippines-after-super-typhoon






In the following months, there will be a number of lessons learned from this devastation regarding building regulations,  zoning and infrastructures.

Although this is an unforeseeable and unusual event, the scale of the death toll is unacceptable in today’s society where the technological advances are such that a minimum protection of human lives should be guaranteed from structures and infrastructures.


Investigation into attack on Gold mine in Greece

GREECE-MINE-3 d8e897dbcec5c805290f6a706700a29d TK DASY THESOLONIKIDozens of masked intruders have raided a gold mining operation in northern Greece, officials say.

The attackers used petrol bombs and flammable liquid to set fire to machinery, vehicles and containers, police told the Associated Press.

The Hellas Gold site is due to open in 2015 and expected to create new jobs in the recession-hit Halkidiki region.

But it has faced protests from environmentalists who say development would cause irreversible damage.

Citizens’ groups have been trying to halt the project since 2011, when the Greek government allowed Hellenic Gold, a subsidiary of Canadian company Eldorado Gold, to dig in the region.

In January, hundreds of Greeks took to the streets of Athens to demonstrate against the new mine.

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