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Safety tips for crowded places & events

crowded_eventSome safety tips when in Crowded places:

–  Bring layers of clothes in case there is uncertainty in weather conditions.

–  Identify safe exit routes in case of an unforseen incedent.

– Establish a meeting point in case you happen to separate from your friends or family.

-Avoid coming into contact with surfaces (put hands in your pockets)

–  Carry sanitary towels to clean your hands in the event that your hand come into contact with dirty surfaces or before eating.

– Leave the event 10 minutes before end to avoid clustering exits that might lead to unsafe situations.

Nauryz, Kazakhstan 2013


Nauryz, Celebrating the Coming of Spring and Abundance
About Kazakhstan culture and national traditions

Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on Earth. This holiday of spring and the renewed life of the Earth has been celebrated for over five thousand years by many cultures of the Middle and Central Asia and, according to some sources, by eastern Slavs as well.

Historical records referring to this holiday can be found in ancient and middle age documents. In the oriental chronology, it corresponds to Navruz, the Iranian New Year. Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Uighurs passed the Nauryz traditions from generation to generation. The Tajiks called it Gulgardon or Gulnavruz, the Tatars refer to it as Nardugan and the Ancient Greeks knew it as Patrich. The roots of this holiday can be traced to old pagan rituals. The celebration was meant to reflect people’s love to nature. People have preserved the rituals, and today the holiday has acquired new spiritual and ethical meaning.


 DSC_1553 DSC_1569 IMG_6651

Kalamata Carnival 2013



Kalamata’s Carnaval on its way with the city band warming up for the festivities.













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Rethink Athens 2013



rethink athens re-think_athens rethink_athens_07 Synch_RethinkAthens2 Synch_RethinkAthens3


On Wednesday, March 21, 2012,the “Re-think Athens”project was presented at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. This project refers to the redesign of the center of Athens around Panepistimiou Street and the relevant European Architectural Competition that the Onassis Foundation is funding for this purpose. In the presence of political leaders and the absolute consensus of all political parties, the Onassis Foundation has announced the axes on which the project will be materialized as well as the details of its implementation.(source: Onasis Foundation)

Investigation into attack on Gold mine in Greece

GREECE-MINE-3 d8e897dbcec5c805290f6a706700a29d TK DASY THESOLONIKIDozens of masked intruders have raided a gold mining operation in northern Greece, officials say.

The attackers used petrol bombs and flammable liquid to set fire to machinery, vehicles and containers, police told the Associated Press.

The Hellas Gold site is due to open in 2015 and expected to create new jobs in the recession-hit Halkidiki region.

But it has faced protests from environmentalists who say development would cause irreversible damage.

Citizens’ groups have been trying to halt the project since 2011, when the Greek government allowed Hellenic Gold, a subsidiary of Canadian company Eldorado Gold, to dig in the region.

In January, hundreds of Greeks took to the streets of Athens to demonstrate against the new mine.

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